The Milton Township Volunteer Fire Department began operations on January 1, 2000 with 12 volunteers, comprised of 6 fully trained firefighters from other communities and 6 new firefighters, and one 1965 pumper truck (Engine 51) purchased from Jackson Township at a cost of $1. The department rented garage space from a local business to use as a fire station until a new station could be constructed. The only operating funds available were from money budgeted for a contracted fire service, previously provided by the Village of Craig Beach Fire Department, which totaled approximately $13,000.  Later in 2000, the department purchased a 1979 pumper truck (Engine 52) and 1976 rescue truck (Squad 51) from the Village of Washingtonville, whose fire department was disbanding and merging with other neighboring departments.  The trucks were purchased with money raised by the fundraising efforts of the firefighters & supporters.

By the third quarter of 2000, the department had grown to over 25 volunteers. The department secured equipment from other departments at little or no cost or as donations. Equipment included turnout gear, Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), hose, nozzles, and other equipment. By this time, the initial 6 new firefighter volunteers who needed state-mandated firefighter training had completed certification.  The additional volunteers were beginning their state-mandated training. In November 2000, the Milton Township Volunteer Fire Department went before voters and requested a permanent Fire Levy to replace the $13,000 general fund budget provided by the township. The levy would provide operating funds of approximately $95,000.  The township residents approved the levy as they recognized the value of the new department.  The department also applied to various State, Federal, & Local Agencies for grants to fund equipment purchases.

In 2001, the Milton Township Volunteer Fire Department received a Fire Act Grant from the US Fire Administration which allowed the department to purchase new SCBA’s and to purchase a mobile air supply system & vehicle.  A step-van was purchased from the Edinburg Fire Department in Portage County (Command 53) to fill such a role. Late in 2001, the township purchased a piece of land behind the current Town Hall for the eventual construction of a fire station.  The department also began to secure financing for the fire station through the US Department of Agriculture.

In 2002, the Milton Township Volunteer Fire Department purchased a 1974 tanker from Valley View Fire Department, near Cleveland, (Tanker 56) to help carry water to rural fires where hydrants are not available. The Milton Township Volunteer Fire Department also grew to over 30 volunteers.  Some of the volunteers attended Emergency Medical Technician - Basic & First Responder training to provide first response to medical calls starting in 2003.  Late in the year, the fire station plans were finalized and financing was in place.

In 2003, the department began responding to medical calls. Some of the EMT-Basic firefighters increased their training to the EMT-Intermediate level.  The department became certified as an Advanced Life Support first responder department (EMT-Intermediate Level).  A 1977 (refurbished in 1989) Class A pumper was purchased from Valley View Fire Department (Engine 57).  Contracts were awarded for the fire station project. The fire department was also donated a pontoon boat (Boat 54) for rescue use on Lake Milton.  Additional grant funding was secured from FEMA/Fire Act to purchase additional equipment, such as rescue tools & hose.

In 2004, the Milton Township Volunteer Fire Department purchased a Jeep (Brush 58) for use during grass fires & offroad rescues. The department also purchased a Ford/Sentinal Rescue truck from Valley View Fire Department (Squad 55) to respond to medical calls and for support calls. In May 2004, construction of the new fire station began.  Station construction was completed in December 2004, and the equipment was moved into the new station on December 29, 2004.

In 2005, the Milton Township Volunteer Fire Department Association purchased for the department, a 24-foot tri-hull Department of Parks boat (Boat 54)  from the State of Ohio surplus yard.  The boat was less 6 months out of service.  This boat replaces the original pontoon boat donated to the department and was waterbound during the 2005 Boating Season.  8 Firefighters received their boating certification from the State of Ohio in April 2005.  A smaller row boat was also purchased for smaller/ice rescues. On June 1, 2005, the new Milton Fire Station was dedicated on a beautiful Wednesday morning.  The official flag was raised by the American Legion Post #737 from Lake Milton.  State & Local representatives were present.  The ribbon "breaking" was done by 4 fire trucks simultaneously driving thru the ribbon (fire tape) which was stretched across all 4 front bays. In November of 2005, the department underwent it's first ISO rating since inception. ISO ratings are numbers that affect insurance rates, with lower numbers being better.  The department automatically had a split rating of 9/7 (non-hydrant/hydrant) rating on creation, which is a default in areas with any type of fire department.  The Milton Township Volunteer Fire Department went through 3 long days of testing and evaluation.  The results became available in late December 2005.  The department improved to a split rating of 8b/5.  This rating matches or is better than other FULLTIME fire departments in the area, where Milton is ALL VOLUNTEER!

In 2006, the department received a grant from the Department of Homeland Security, Assistance to Firefighter Program for a new tanker to replace the aging tanker (Tanker 56) purchased from Valley View.

In 2007, the department ordered a brand new tanker from HME/Ahrens-Fox.  Delivery was to be in December 2007, but was delayed until January 2008.  The department also purchased a Rescue Pumper from the City of Akron (Rescue 53), replacing the step-van (formerly known as Command 53) & the Mini-pumper (Squad 51).

On January 1, 2008, the Milton Township Volunteer Fire Department began coverage of the Village of Craig Beach, through a 2-year contract between the village and the township.  Craig Beach Village was formerly protected by the Craig Beach Fire Department, Inc, which was a private fire company. The department took delivery of the new HME/Ahrens-Fox Tanker (Tanker 56) in April, retiring a the 1974 FWD tanker aquired from Valley View Fire Department. Dispatching services provided by the former Pellin EMS, who was purchased by MedCorp EMS in November of 2007, were discontinued July 31, 2008, when MedCorp discontinued EMS service for the Youngstown area. Trumbull County 9-1-1 assumed dispatching duties for the Milton Township Volunteeer Fire Department on August 1, 2008, as Mahoning County 9-1-1 was unable to accommodate fire communications.

In June 2010, the department purchased a 1991 Sutphen Pumper (Engine 51) as the 1977 American LaFrance purchased by Valley View (Engine 57) was removed from service for safety issues.  The Sutphen Pumper was previously owned by the Middlebury FD in Indiana.  A grant was applied for from the Department of Homeland Security, Assistance to Firefighter Program (same program that Tanker 56 was purchased with) to replace the 1977 LaFrance, as it was no longer in service. 

In January 2011, the Milton Township Board of Trustees named a new Fire Chief for the department, as the previous Fire Chief resigned his position in December of 2010.  The department finalized a Knox Box program for the township and started to promote both residential and business Knox Boxes.  In February 2011, the department received the Department of Homeland Security, Assistance to Firefighter program grant to replace the former Engine 57 (1977 LaFrance).  The contract for Craig Beach Village was renewed for an additional 5 years. 

In March 2011, the department purchased a 2001 FL-60 Freightliner Rescue Squad from Florida.  The unit will be numbered 559.  This squad was previously in service with Palm Beach County Rescue in Florida.  All numbers for the apparatus were changed to the 3 digit designation used by Trumbull County 9-1-1, by adding the "5" in front of the original unit number.   Squad 559 will be used for primary medical responses, Squad 555 will be moved to secondary medical response & backup.  Rescue Engine 553, which was used for secondary medical will now be converted to a heavy rescue engine. 

In April 2011, Squad 559 was placed into service.  Specs for the new pumper to replace Engine 557 were finalized and the specs were put out for truck bid by manufacturers.  The department accepted a bid for a 2012 Rosenbauer Pumper.  The truck is scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2011.

In April 2012, The department took delivery of a 2012 Rosenbauer Pumper (Engine 557), and it was placed into service shortly thereafter.

The Milton Township Volunteer Fire Department  would like to thank the following departments & services for their continued assistance:  Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Department,  Berlin Township Volunteer Fire Department, Ellsworth Township Volunteer Fire Department, Palmyra Township Volunteer Fire Department, Newton Falls Joint Fire District, & Trumbull County 9-1-1.

Fire Chief History

2000 - 2010 Richard Pellin Jr
2011 - Present Harold Maynard

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