Contact List


Please send all correspondence & General Information Requests to:

Fire Chief Harold Maynard 

(Your request will be routed to the appropriate personnel)


2017 Personnel

FF # Name Current Rank Firefighter Level EMS Level
520 Harold Maynard Fire Chief Firefighter 1 Intermediate
521 Patrick Pellin Asst Fire Chief Firefighter 2 Intermediate
523 Dave Dunn Sr Captain Firefighter 1 First Responder
524 Zachary Williams Captain Firefighter 2 First Responder
526 Ken Oles Lieutenant Firefighter 1  
527 John Bennett   Firefighter 1 Intermediate
528 Sarah Garcia   Firefighter 2 Basic
535 Danielle Majetich   Firefighter Basic
536 Tyler Totani   Firefighter  
539 Jim Croyle   Firefighter First Responder
542 Andrew Smith   Firefighter  
547 Dave Dunn Jr   Firefighter 2  
549 Cheyenne Kalcic   Firefighter  
581 M Ben Melnykovich     Registered Nurse

(Fire officers rotate annually)

AHA/BLS Instructors (CPR)

John Bennett
Harold Maynard
Zachary Williams


Fire Inspection Division

(Milton Twp uses the International Fire Code)


John Bennett
Harold Maynard
Patrick Pellin

Please send all inspection requests to Chief Harold Maynard

For All inquires for the Village of Craig Beach after January 1, 2016, you will need to contact:
Craig Beach Volunteer Fire Department Inc

This contact list is accurate as of  April 1, 2018.